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Josh + Tess

We create brands that rally people to action and tell your story through great design and web experiences.


Wood + Sea Co. is a small creative studio located in sunny San Diego, California. We design for startups, nonprofits, NGOs, and the socially conscious. Our hearts and passions have always been in the nonprofit world - from taking photographs in a small refugee camp on the outskirts of Kabul to developing handcrafted identities to stop human trafficking in Nepal.

We are made up of a husband and wife duo. Days off, more affectionately known as “date days”, are filled with an endless yearning to explore the tidepools or skim the new stationary at the seaside paperies. We love the sun, salty hair, and dipping our toes in the waves.

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We work hard behind the scenes to champion the causes the world needs to know about.

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